Diagnose of industrial problems

You are looking for an advice for a precise diagnose on a machinery problem?

We are offering you that analyzing service to bring adapting solutions to your needs either the extent of the problem.

Our recommendation will enable you to a profitable investment to your satisfaction while improving your productivity.

Some examples of diagnoses and resolution

> A particles conveyor that was receiving the panels of particles was defective and was constantly stopping during production.
> Camera system named ARGO, this is for detecting all defects on all of the melamine panels, the client wanted a new technology to adapt of his production line of melamine, that is reducing cost that is the machine will do it alone with no help from an employee.
> Bucket of rip that was defective because with the years it was very worn out.
> A Gang Saw machine that cuts big blocks of granite of 20 to 40 tons and the Eye Bolt Shaft was breaking all the time.
> A grinder machine for sharpening the chipper blades was very worn out.

The advantage for working with Les entreprises Gré-Mar

Our 40 years of experience in manufacturing, design, maintenance of machinery, precision machining and with all of our specialize equipment’s it allow us to achieve all different projects either for machining and welding, for simple and complex projects.

Les Entreprises Gré-Mar is serving many industrial and commercial companies with different activity and they also well known for their specialized expertise in design and maintenance of industrial and commercial including all sectors such as granite, cement, wood, sawmill and also a lot of commercial companies.

Give us a call and you will benefit from our expertise.