Precision Conventional machining and re machining of pieces

We are offering a precision of conventional machining as for manufacturing, design, maintenance, modification and refurbishment as new all industrial and commercial pieces in our facility or either at your own establishment.

Portable boring

We are offering machining service with a portable boring so that we could machining at your own establishment. This service is very well appreciate with our customer because it is saving time and money.

Industriel machining

Different types of machining that we offer, manufacturing, modification, design of pieces for industrial machinery:

  • Machining for big roller of rubber for expanding the glue to the doors
  • Re machining the interior of a chocolat pump to bring them as good as new
  • Machining different big machinery for ciment company
  • Machining Gear for Gearbox to restore them as new
  • Repairs of a ( Arm peeling) for Saw Mill
  • Machining different types of coupling
  • Machining for saw panels
  • Machining for cylinder that is broken and other different types of pieces that is damage
  • Manufacturing of acme thread
  • Grind all rubber thread and maintenance, repairs of your industrial machinery.

Commercial machining

We are also offering machining for manufacturing, modification and design of different commercial pieces.

Examples of achievement of commercial machining:

Maintenance for loaders

We offer you at all times the maintenance of your loaders. Leave us the maintenance and machining of all your pins, and of your rebushing or the maintenance of your Arm quick relase of your loader we will bring them as good as new.

Maintenance of your shafts

We also offer you the maintenance of your shafts and other mechanic damage to all the excavation and snow plow companies.

We are offering the refurbishment as good as new on a granular machine for Wood Pellets company.

The advantage for working with Les Entreprises Gré-Mar

Our 40 years of experience in manufacturing, desing, maintenance of machinery, precision machining, and with all or our specialize equipment’s it allows us to achieve all different projects either for machining, welding, for simple and complex projects.

Les Entreprises Gré-Mar is serving many industrial and commercial companies with different activity and they also well known for their specialized expertise in design and maintenance of industrial and commercial including all sectors such as granite, cement, wood, sawmill and also a lot of commercial companies.

Give us a call and you will benefit from our expertise.